Coventry retains its original character as an old textile mill village. While the western portion of the town remains rural in nature, the eastern section is one of the most rapidly growing Rhode Island residential communities.


The city is often lauded for its youth sports programs, as well as for the numerous recreational opportunities at the Coventry Greenway, a former railway converted into five miles of natural paths for biking, hiking and exploration. With its mills, lake-side fishing, and leafy environs, Coventry provides those golden, fleeting touches of authentic rural life. The town’s main commerce locations exist in convenient shopping areas with easy parking access. Housing consists of multi-family in the older sections of town, and single family in newly developed areas.


The town is made up of the villages of Anthony, Arkwright, Greene, Harris, Hopkins Hollow, Potterville, Quidneck, Rice City, Spring Lake, Summit, Tiogue, Washington, and Whitman.

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